Founder, Canis Media

Ed was founder, chairman and chief executive of the Canis Media Group of broadcast companies, based at Chalfont Grove in the UK, and he ran the group for thirteen years.  During that time he oversaw the launch of more than one hundred television channels in many counries around the world. 

He has managed large infrastructure projects, and been the creative lead in designing and delivering a wide range of large broadcast and consumer facing-retail operations.  He has advised most of the world's TV shopping companies, launched interactive TV services, and been the creative manager behind a wide range of industry firsts.

Over the last thirteen years Ed has worked for most of the UK's largest broadcasters on acquisitions and commercial strategy, including the launch of channels on Sky, Freeview, Virgin Media and new VOD platforms.


Ed is an active entrepreneur and investor in UK-based digital television businesses and consumer-facing retail businesses since 1998. He has created television channels, interactive services, retails businesses and television shopping channels.

He has worked on business projects in Africa, Asia, Australis and New Zealand.  He created the UK's first financial services televison channel, Simply Money, and also created the first non-Sky red button interactive service. 

He has served as a board member on professional industry bodies for television and retail businesses in Asia, Europe, and Australia.

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In 2011 Ed created a new £25M business Comux UK, in order to bid for the licence to operate the infrastructure that will support the new local television channels in the UK.

In January 2013 Ofcom announced that Comux UK had beaten the BBC and two other bidders in the race to win the licence.  The BBC will now provide £25M of funding to enable Comux UK to build the new transmission network.

In November 2013 the network launched on time and on budget.  By 2016 the local TV network reached over 13 million Uk homes, managed by the network centre Ed built in Birmingham.

He was listed as one of the 250 most influential business people in Birmingham in 2016.


Founder, Simply Television

In 1998 Ed created his first television channel business after several years in journalism and television production.

The channel was the first UK TV channel devoted exclusively to covering consumer finance. In 2008 Ed launched a channel for Ocean Finance promoting loans and mortgages direct to consumers on the Sky and Freesat platforms.
Pepper and Spice

Ed has been researching the UK spice market for several years and identifying a new niche for a retail business based on the smart importation of quality spices direct from their source.

Comux launches on time and on budget November 2013
Television Shopping Products

Over the last decade Ed has brought some of the UK's most successful TV shopping products to UK screens, including Total Gym, Fast Abs, Aerobed, Restform and many others.  He has managed the sale of products into UK shopping channels such as QVC, Ideal World and designed the UK shopping channel TV Warehouse.  He has also taken products into other European markets including Italy and Germany.

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Ed Hall